JS9402403The operation of the French railway network in the 19th century differs from today because it was not run by the state but by private companies or owners.

The first train line built in France, was in 1823 and totaled 18 km of railway; The rail network will subsequently 428 km of lines in 1840, 876 km in 1845, 3003 km in 1850, 9433 km in 1860 and 17466 km in 1870.

baae5048c510e995091bc14860467243The major rail networks take shape until 1845 in a plane called “star Legrand” (designer). Seven lines converge and from Paris to the province in late 1854

  • Paris to Bordeaux
  • Paris to Nantes
  • Paris to Le Havre
  • Paris to Calais
  • Paris to Quievrain
  • Paris to Strasbourg
  • Paris to Lyon

Before the coronation of the railway, mail was carried by a mail coach service. The mail coach was kind of diligence, towed by 4-5 horses, carrying not only letters and telegrams, but also passengers who have paid their place to enjoy the journey. The mail-coaches of some lines will also transported by rail on all or part of their journey, allowing them to save valuable time on the initial duration of their trip.

The first staff to be loaded on railway mail as conveyor, the barrel in 1841 on the Paris – Juvisy – Corbeil. They had therefore a summary role of receiving, monitoring, routing their dispatches that were entrusted.


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