Train station: administrative fees



December 10, 1858: No. 14 canceled PCf2 ° and date stamp BUR.AMBULANTS / CENTRE.

4357000210_439a051949_bOverleaf administrative claw: “The director of street offices of the center line.

Letter of 23 October 1870 freed to 20c (29) for Bourgueil.

These stamps were daters for managers overseeing the different street lines (by zones: center, south, southwest, east, …) and their clerks. They were mainly used on internal documents and more rarely on the letter as a transit point, so the back folds.

It is very rare to see one of these departure stamps in relation to their more administrative than ZIP.

An order of 17 November 1844 gives the public the opportunity to write in excess (free): the head of post-1168634_1280state, ministers, and certain senior officials.

This fold dated August 24, 1861 has probably been thrown directly in the box instead of being presented at the counter as free of postage required (for verification of the right to the franchise by the jailer). The Amboise office of departure therefore herewith taxed at 30 cents and affixed the stamp of the 1844 order to justify the application of this tax

tim-holtz-m3-1306-paris-collageSupported by Nantes traveling to Paris, it communicates it to his colleague walking the line from Paris to Calais for the rest of the route. The street then checks the mail, tax refund and puts his brigade F (day) and its linear line label to mark the origin of this correction. The fold will be subsequently presented to the recipient that the refuse (handwritten mark on the back: denied No. 10 + stamp of Amiens of 25 and 26/08).

Another assumption: arrival at Amiens, the letter was zero-rated by that office after verification, then left for the distribution and is rejected by the recipient. The fold will be restored with instructions to the traveling direction Calais to Paris for onward until Amboise (the street then puts his brigade letter and its linear claw – with error sense – to signify the special character of this fold his traveling colleague from Paris to Nantes online).

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